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Parker 21 Early Model in Black.

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The Parker 21 was launched in 1948, almost certainly as a more affordable Parker 51 style pen.  It was very successful and, with only one fundamental change, remained in production until 1965.

Early pens, such as this example, had a large opening in the hood accommodating a distinctive, bulbous feed.  Around 1951 this was changed to a smaller opening with a smaller, flatter feed.

The pen is in excellent condition, it has been fully cleaned, serviced and tested.  The body has a deep lustrous shine and the 'lustralloy' cap is ding free and carries a polished chrome clip and cap stud.

The nib is constructed from 'Octanium', so called because Parker claimed that eight materials were used to make the alloy.  There is a slight kink in one of the tines but the nib performs well, producing a firm, fine to medium line.

The Parker 21 was, in a sense, one of the first Parker 51 'clones', not surprisingly, given the manufacturer, it compares most favourably against other attempts to exploit the sucees of the 51.