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Parker 21 Super

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The Parker 21 first saw the light of day in 1949.  It is said that Parker, becoming fed up with other companies attempting to copy the Parker 51, decided that, as a company,  they were best equipped to produce a '51 copy' at a competitive price and so entered the '51 copy' market themselves.

This pen is the third, and final iteration of the Parker 21, the 'Super' model, produced from 1956 to 1965.  It has been serviced and tested and is in good working condition.  There is some shrinkage to the hood, this is quite common on these pens and has no effect on performance.  the pen has a good surface and the lustralloy cap is ding free.  The Parker 45 style clip is secured by a peaked metal cap stud.

The modified aerometric filling system is quick and easy to use and works well.  The 'octanium, nib is a great writer.  It produces a super smooth, medium line, perhaps a little broad, with very little pressure, it is a pleasure to use.  The ink flow is excellent, as expected, as it uses the same ink collector system as the parker 51.

The reliability and writing abilities of the Parker 21 Super make it a good choice as a vintage every day user.


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