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Parker 21 Super in Red

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The Parker 21 Mk.1 was only made from 1948 to 1951 when the section and cap design were modified for the Mk. 2 version, a more practical pen than the original.  In 1953 the Parker 21 Super, this pen, was introduced. 

The 21 was discontinued in 1965, probably because the Parker 45 was now a competitor.  

This is a particularly fine example. Finished in Red, with a stainless steel cap and the redesigned 'arrow' clip, the pen has been fully serviced and tested, it is in first class condition.  The cap has no dents or other blemishes and has an even, semi gloss finish with a '21' imprint.

The colour is described as red and is a good bit brighter than the red colour of the Parker Duofolds. It is a most attractive pen.

The filling system, a modified 'Aerometric', works well and the parker 'Octanium' nib writes with a very smooth and consistent fine line, a very 'easy' writer.  It would suit a person with small handwriting and also for detailed work.

The Parker 21 is an extremely good choice as an unusual and dependable every day writer and is often favoured rather than the much more expensive Parker 51 to which it bears a close resemblance.  The last two photographs show the 21 and 51 together and a rather surprising comparison showing that the barell wall thickness on the 21 is thicker than that on the more expensive pen.  Comparisons apart, the Parker 21 Super is an excellent pen in its own right.