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Parker 25

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The Parker 25 was introduced in 1975 and continued into the early 1990s. This pen carries a clear date code for the last quarter of 1987 and is marked 'Made in U.K'.

The pen is in excellent, unused condition, it came to me as part of a batch of unboxed  new old stock Parkers.  A sure sign that the pen has seen very little, if any, use is the pristine state Parker 'Halo' logo on the clip which wears rapidly. 

I have inked the pen to test it.  Sometimes new old stock pens don't write well but this one is a gem.  It produces a very smooth and consistent fine to medium line, a very 'easy' writer.  The pen is supplied with a new ink cartridge so it is ready to write.

With its somewhat quirky design, indestructible construction and the practicality of a cartridge/converter system this set would make a great vintage every day pen. 

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