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Parker 25 Fountain pen/Ballpoint boxed set.

Regular price £45.00

The Parker 25 was introduced in 1975, this set was produced between then and 1980 when date numbering started and the imprint changed from 'Made in England' to 'Made in U.K.'.

The set is in excellent condition with no 'dings', the Parker halo on the clip inserts are faded but the clips are straight and secure. The original 'Parker 25' box is also in very good condition.

The nib is straight and correctly aligned, it writes with a smooth, firm, fine line.  The ballpoint is a cap action mechanism and will be fitted with a new refill.

With its somewhat quirky design, indestructible construction and the practicality of a cartridge/converter system this set would make a great vintage every day pen set.