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Parker 25B Matt Black Epoxy Coated. Mint.

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The Parker 25B Matt Black epoxy coated is a rare pen. The Parker 25 is a very functional and robust pen, almost always with a brushed steel finish.  In 1978 the English branch produced this pen, a Parker 25 with a matt black epoxy resin coating, black section, and black background to the 'halo' motif on the clip.  In 1979 the pen appeared in the American catalogue as a Parker 25B.

This is an exceptionally fine example, it shows no signs of use.  The vast majority of the very few pens that are still around have chips or wear to the resin but this one is pristine.

The Parker 25B is really quite a rare pen and is now very collectable.  Whilst this example, like all 25s, would write very well, it probably belongs in a collection rather than being used as an every day writer.