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Parker 41 fountain pen

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The Parker 41, also known as the 'Debutante', was only made between 1956 and 1958, it didn't sell well and very few survive.  It is a rare pen.

This example, in outstanding, near mint condition, is finished in a light turquoise colour that I have seen described as 'Aqua' and 'Surf Green'.  Whatever name you use, it is a bright, unusual, and most attractive colour.

It has a lustralloy cap which is imprinted 'Parker  41 Made in U.S.A.'  The cap stud, which is pearl coloured on the '51', is Black on the '41'.  The cap is in good, ding free condition.

The filling system utilises a 'U' type squeeze bar and a breather tube.  The nib is made from 'Octanium', an eight metal alloy, it writes well with a fine line.

The Parker 'halo' box is in good, clean condition wit a very small, light stain on the inside and a whiff of floral scent.

This Parker 41 meets all the criteria for a vintage collectable pen, it has age, quality, condition, and rarity.  It also does its job of writing exceedingly well.