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Parker 45 Classic in Blue

Regular price £35.00

The Parker 45, named after the Colt 45 gun, presumably as a cartridge filler, was introduced in 1960.  This is a mint condition example of that first Parker 45 model.

The pen is finished in Blue with polished chrome trim and a brushed stainless steel cap.  The body of the pen is unmarked with a super finish and the cap is similarly pristine.

The pen is fitted with a 14 Ct. Gold, semi hooded nib. It has been fully serviced and tested and writes very well, producing a super smooth medium line.

The 45 is a cartridge / converter filler, this pen is fitted with the original metal Parker ink converter and a new ink cartridge is supplied so the pen is ready to write in either configuaration.

The Parker 45 is not a rare pen for good reason.  It was highly successful and sold well for many years with only minor cosmetic changes.  It is also a robust and hard wearing pen so a good many survived while lower quality pens aimed at the same market did not.

Nevertheless the Parker 45 classic is, after all, a good looking and stylish Gold nibbed pen at a fraction of the price of of a new pen of the same quality.  Gold nibbed pens start at over £100 and probably don't perform as well as a good Parker 45.  It would make a first class, every day vintage writer.