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Parker 45 CT/Arrow. Gold nib, immaculate.

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The Parker 45, named after the Colt 45, was introduced in 1960. The 'Parker Arrow' version, was added to the range in 1962, it was renamed 'Chrome Trim' a year or two llater.   It is a testament to the sound, timeless design and functionality of the 45 that it remained, fundamentally unchanged, until 2008.  The coned cap stud, as on this pen, was replaced with a dimpled version in 1970 so this pen can be placed firmly in the 1960s.

This model was offered with either a steel or solid Gold nib.  I removed the nib and confirmed that it is 14Ct. Gold, it is clearly stamped as such, please see photos.

This pen is in totally mint, unused condition throughout.  The manufacturer's 'chalk marks' identifying the pen are stiil clear and intact.  These marks are actually wax, and were meant to be rubbed off as the pen was sold but some survived.  They are very fragile and would rapidly erode as the pen was handled so their presence in such good order is a sure sign of lack of use.  It has an excellent surface, a clear imprint, and the polished chrome trim is similarly pristine.

The pen is presented in the original plastic display box.  A new ink cartridge and unused ink converter is located in the recess under the tray. This is a high quality, robust box in unused condition although the outer sleeve showas some marks.  Not all Parker 45s were supplied in this box, later pens had a much simpler, less luxurious plastic case. 

The 45 is a cartridge/ converter filler, both are included so it is ready to write in either configuration.

The Parker 45 Arrow/ CT is very underated in many respects, not least in that it is a good quality, Gold nibbed pen with an excellent pedigree.  It is extremely difficult to find a perfect, mint, and complete example, such as this pen.

At around sixty years of age it would serve for many more years as a practical, attractive, and trouble free vintage every day user.