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Parker 45 De Luxe Pencil in Green. Immaculate.

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The Parker 45 De Luxe GT was introduced in 1967 and the conical clip screw, as in this pencil, was replaced with a dimpled design in 1970, dating the pencil between these two dates.

The pencil is in perfect condition and appears to be unused.  The almost complete chalk mark, identifying the pencil, is very delicate and would have rapidly disappeared as the pencil was handled.  The eraser also appears to be unused, no attempt has been made to remove the eraser, as, at over 50 years old, it will have hardened and become brittle.

A cap activated rotary pencil, it is immaculately finished in green, by far the least common of the Parker 45 colours.  The mechanism is smooth and efficient.

The box is probably from a later pen and has a crack in the perspex on one side but it suits the pencil well.

There has been an upsurge in the popularity of mechanical pencils of late, a vintage model, such as this, compares very favourably with modern counterparts as an every day writer.