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Parker 45 Flighter Cabochon Version.

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The Parker 45 Flighter is just about as robust and reliable as a fountain pen gets.  It has an all steel construction, no moving parts, disassembles in seconds, and is an excellent writer.

Introduced in 1960, the Parker 45 remained in production for 47 years, a testament to it's design, functionality, and appeal.

This Gold trimmed 'Flighter' version was made in 2005, it was the last of the line.  It was the result of a 'facelift', in 2001, that included a slimmer and slightly longer clip and a 'cabochon jewel' set into the clip stud.  This example carries a date code for 2005.

The pen is in excellent condition throughout and looks to have seen very little use.  It can be used with standard Parker ink cartridges or an ink converter can be substituted for use with bottled ink.

Unlike most fountain pens changing the ink colour is quick and easy with the Parker 45.  The nib section unscrews by hand and the assembly can be flushed in a matter of seconds.  A new cartridge is supplied with the pen., along with the original Parker presentation case.

The pen is fitted with a medium nib which writes with a super smooth, medium line.  It is a most pleasant and 'easy' writer.  Its robust build and practicality would make it an excellent choice as a fountain pen for every day use.