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Parker 45 fountain pen and pencil set. 1960s.

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The Parker 45 was introduced in 1960, this pen set is the first version, often termed the 'Classic'.  The pen, and pencil, which were made in England, are in excellent condition.  

the fountain pen is rather unusual in that it has a 14 Ct. Gold nib with a broad point, and by broad I really mean broad. The collar holding the nib is stamped 'B' for 'broad'.  It delivers a 'wettish' broad to extra broad line.  It would be ideal for a person with large, bold handwriting, exactly the opposite to the red Parker 45 in the catalogue.

The pen is a cartridge/ converter filler, it is supplied with two new Parker ink cartridges so it is ready to write.  It would make a very practical every day vintage writer.

The pencil is a 'repeater' design, it operates by 'clicking' the cap to expel the lead.

Parker 45s are not rare pens and perhaps this is why they are so vastly undervalued, but it is important to realise that they are not rare mainly because a good number have survived for decades.  They are good pens.