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Parker 45 in Red, uninked, boxed, Gold nib.

Regular price £50.00

The Parker 45, introduced in 1960, paved the way for the cartridge/converter filling system, now virtually ubiquitous in fountain pen design.

This example is in totally mint condition and is supplied in the original box complete with ink converter, ink cartridge, and filling instructions.  There is no shrinkage of the nib section.

The pen is uninked and retains the factory 'chalk marks'.  These were intended to be rubbed off by the retailer but some survived, they are very fragile and would wear rapidly if the pen was used.

The nib is made from 14Ct. Gold, and is appropriately stamped.  I removed the nib to check this, as some later pens had Gold plated, unstamped  nibs.

Due to its huge success the Parker 45 is not a particularly rare pen but a mint, unused example is very hard to find.  It is, of course, a very practical and well made Gold nibbed fountain pen, impossible to find 'new' at anywhere near this price.