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Parker 50 Falcon Flighter

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The Parker 50 Falcon was introduced in 1979 and production ended in 1982 after a relatively short production run, always a good sign for collectors.  This pen carries a date code for the 4th quarter of 1982, it was the last Falcon to leave the nest.

The pen is constructed in brushed stainless steel with Gold trim. The familiar Parker 'Arrow' clip has a different look, the feathers are not individually defined.  I find this quite odd for a pen called a 'Falcon'!

A cartridge/converter filler, it is a slim and elegant pen that looks much like other slim Parkers until the cap is removed to reveal the revolutionary and unique 'unitary' nib section.  Only one other pen had this, the ill fated and now super rare T1.  The T1 was constructed in Titanium, a metal which proved too expensive and difficult to efficiently be coerced into the complex shapes required by the design. The Falcon is essentially an updated T1 made in a more realistic material.

The pen is in remarkable condition, it has a splendid finish and is devoid of any dings or bumps.  It has been fully serviced and tested.  The nib performs as well as it looks, producing a very smooth medium to broad line.

In addition to the short production run and relative rarity of the Parker 50 Falcon, the pen's future as a very collectable item is further enhanced by its unique and very striking design. .