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Parker '51' Aerometric in Burgundy.

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  • This is a first class example of a vintage Parker '51' Aerometric model llA in Burgundy.  The Chrome filler sleeve is imprinted:
Parker '51'. To fill press ribbed bar firmly six times'
This imprint was only used in 1948/1949, the first erometric, the advice was changed to 'Four times' in 1950.
The pen is in excellent condition, it has a deep Burgundy finish and a ding free Gold filled cap with pearl coloured end stud. 
The original 'Pli-glass' ink sac is clear and unstained, a sign of very little, careful use.
The aerometric filling system works well and the 14Ct. gold nib writes with a smooth, medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.
The Parker '51' has often been described as 'the best pen ever made', At around seventy years old this Parker '51' still supports that claim.
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