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Parker 51 Aerometric. 1965-1969.

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The Parker 51 was given a minor update in 1965 with a one piece, polished stainless steel filler sleeve and a '51' imprint on the cap, as in this pen.  It underwent a more radical change in 1969 when the Mk.III was introduced.

Finished in Teal, with a 'Lustralloy' cap and pearl coloured cap stud, the pen is in excellent condition. 

It has been fully serviced and tested, it fills well and the original pli glass ink sac is only lightly stained and has maintained transparency.

The 14 Ct. Gold nib is outsatanding, even for a Parker 51.  It delivers a very smooth medium line with exactly the right amount of 'feel' that a fountain pen needs.  

The Parker 51 is, without doubt, the most successful pen ever made and is still a favoured every day writer by many pen enthusiasts.  It is a very easy and reliable writer with a great deal of prestige.