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Parker 51 Aerometric

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The Parker 51 Aerometric filler was introduced in 1948.  This pen was made, in England, in the 1950s.  

The pen is beautifully finished in Burgundy, the English version of the colour being much 'redder' than the American Burgundy.  American Parker 51 collectors often refer to the English colour as 'Bloody Burgundy', the description does not have the slightly vulgar connotation that it has here.

The pen is in outstanding condition throughout.  The pen body is flawless and the lustralloy cap is totally ding free with a chrome plated clip and pearl coloured end stud.  The original 'pli-glass' ink sac shows no staining, a sign of sparing, careful use.

The 14 Ct. Gold hooded nib writes with a very smooth line, perhaps a little on the broad side of medium, it is a very 'easy' writer.

The Parker 51 is often referred to as  the best pen Parker ever made and this example certainly supports that claim.  Although of collectable quality, it would make a good 'every day user', an eye catching pen with a good deal of prestige.