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Parker 51 Aerometric in Navy Grey

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The Parker 51 Aerometric was introduced in 1948, replacing the original Vacumatic version.  The early English version had a long 'transition' clip as, in this example, dating from around 1951.

The pen is in exceptional condition throughout.  It has been thoroughly cleaned, serviced, and tested.  Finished in  Navy Grey, it has a ding free lustralloy cap with a Chrome 'arrow' clip and a pearl end stud.  The less common Parker 51 colour and flawless finish make this 51 a real eye catcher.

The filling system takes up a good volume of ink and the 14Ct.Gold nib is a truly great writer.  It is super smooth and lays down a smooth, consistent, fine line.  The hooded nib design precludes any flexibility in the Parker 51 but Parker somehow managed to give even a fine nib  a pleasant soft feel, it is a very easy writer.

The Parker 51 has been described as 'the best pen Parker ever made' and this example certainly supports that claim, it would make a first class, and prestigious, every day writer.