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Parker 51 Aerometric in Navy Grey. 1952-58.

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Parker 51 barrel dating ceased in 1952 and a 'halo' was added to the cap in 1958.  this example, in Navy Grey, has no sign of barrel dating and no halo so it would have been made between 1952 and 1958.  Changes didn't happen suddenly so a little leaway is possible.

Fully serviced and tested, the pen is in first class condition throughout.  The grey barrel and hood are pristine and the 'Lustralloy' cap is totally ding free and has largely retained its original frosting and polished cap lip.  The clip is unmarked, correctly fitted, and secured with a brass bush and lucite end stud.

Navy Grey is one of the less common 51 colours, at the time black was the most popular, perhaps a legacy from the time when virtually all pens were black.  Navy Grey is, arguably, the only 51 colour that looks better with a Lustralloy 'Classic' cap than the 'Custom' rolled gold version.

The aerometric filling system is easy to use, efficient, and the original pli-glas ink sac has goood elasticity.  The 14 Ct. gold nib writes with a smooth and consistent fine line with the pleasing 'soft' feel that Parker managed to acheive in the 51nibs, even those with a fine point.  It is a very 'easy' writer that would particularly suit someone with a small 'hand'.

The Parker box has a few small exterior marks, but is in sound condition and has a very clean and unstained grey satin interior which shows off the pen very well. 

The Parker 51 is, without doubt, the most successful pen ever made and is still a favoured every day writer by many pen enthusiasts.  It is a very easy and reliable writer with a great deal of prestige.