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Parker 51 Aerometric in Teal.

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The Parker 51 with the aerometric filling system was introduced in 1948.  The clip was shortened in 1951.  A 'halo' added to the cap in 1958,  this pen has a halo so it is probbly from the late 1950s.

The colour is most attractive, it is definitely Blue but has a Green tinge, not a common '51' colour.  the pen is in excellent condition throughout and shows littlr sign of use.  The surface is superb and the lustraalloy cap is ding free and has a good finish. It is fitted with a 'short arrow' clip, pearl coloured end stud and engraved with: 

Made in England

The pen has been carefully cleaned, checked and fully tested.  The aerometric filling system works well and takes up a good amount of ink.  

The 14 Ct. gold nib has a broad point which lays down a really smooth and consistent line, a very pleasant writer.  It would suit someone with a large, bold hand and encourages writing with a flourish.

The box is new, it is of very high quality and will serve well for transportation, protection, and display.

At over sixty years old this is a remarkable top quality vintage pen. The 51 is the first choice of many collectors as a daily user, it is totally reliable, stylish and very practical with a great deal of prestige.