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Parker 51 Aerometric with Rolled silver Cap. Mint condition. Boxed.

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Parker ‘51’ aerometric fountain pen with rolled Silver cap.   Mint condition throughout. 

Made in England in 1952, this is a truly outstanding example of the iconic Parker ‘51’. 

The pen: 

Superb mint condition throughout, probably uninked. 

Immaculate deep gloss Black finish. 

Clear imprint: ‘Parker. Made in England’. 

Unstained, clear ink sac. 

The cap: 

Rolled Silver cap with gold clip.  The most sought-after English 51 cap, quite rare. 

Early ‘R.Silver’ engraving. 

Perfect condition, unmarked, even under magnification. 


The box: 

Mock-croc Parker ‘51’box 

The correct box for an early English Parker ‘51’ Aerometric. 


It is extremely unusual to find a Parker 51 rolled Silver cap pen in pristine, new condition. There are no marks, ink traces or other signs to suggest the pen has been used previously. The pen came to me from a respected collector who was of the opinion that it was uninked, and I agree, so I have not dipped or filled the pen to give a writing sample. 

The rolled Silver cap version of the 51 was only produced in England as an Aerometric pen starting in 1952.  As shown in the photograph, from David Shepherd’s brilliant Parker 51 book, this cap bears the earliest imprint, hence the 1952 date.