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Parker 51 Custom boxed set in Burgundy. Near mint.

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This is a near mint Parker 51 fountain pen and pencil set in Burgundy.  The pen is an aerometric filler dating from 1956.  

The English Burgundy, this set,  is much 'redder' than the American version which is more brown than red.  The finish on this set is superb, it has a deep lustrous shine with no visible flaws. 

The set is presented in an original Parker box, it is in excellent condition throughout and the hinges are good.

The rolled Gold 'Custom' caps are ding free and in lovely condition and the finish of the pen and pencil bodies is flawless.  It has a deep lustrous shine and is still vibrant and bright.

The set has been fully serviced, cleaned and tested.  The 14Ct. Gold nib has a medium point and it lays down a smooth, firm, medium line. Parker 51 nibs are not flexible, the design of the hood prevents this, but Parker somehow manage to give a 'soft' feel to their nibs, even finer points. 

The aerometric filling system works perfectly, taking up a good volume of ink with four presses on the filler bar.  The 'Pli-glass' ink sac is unstained and has good elasticity.

The pencil is a 'repeater' or clutch pencil. The eraser rubber appears to have broken off.  It operates by pressing the cap to expel the lead.  

The Parker 51 is recognised as a top quality instrument which has not been surpassed in eighty years of fountain pen design.  It is rare to find a Custom version set in such fine condition.