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Parker 51 Boxed Set in English Burgundy

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This Parker 51 fountain pen and continuous feed pencil set was made, in England, in 1956. The colour is English Burgundy, which is actually a deep red, the American Burgundy is much more of a brown colour.  In the U.S.A. the English colour is often called 'bloody burgundy', the term not having the same vulgar connotations in America as it does in the U.K..

The set is complete and in superb condition throughout.  The lustralloy caps are totally ding free and the original 'frosting', which wears rapidly with use, has held up very well.  Both clips are straight, correctly tensioned, and carry clear pearl cap studs.

The Lucite barrels and hood are bright and have an excellent surface.  The imprints, which are usually eroded with use, are sharp and clear, identifying the set as English.  Barrel dating on the 51 pens ended in 1952 but continued on the pencils, this one is clearly dated for 1956.

Parker 51 pens are renowned as good writers but this on is exceptional.  It has excellent ink flow and delivers a super smooth line, perhaps a little on the broader side of  fine.  Whilst the hooded design precludes flexibility in the 51, this nib has a wonderful 'soft' feel offering a hint of line variation.

The pencil is a 'continuous feed' design, similar to a modern clutch pencil.  To extend the lead the pencil is held, point downwards, and the cap depressed ans rapidly released.  A number of spare leads are stored in the barrel and are accessed by removing the eraser.  This is the 'long eraser' design, it can be 'replenished' as the eraser wears.

The presentation box is in first class, clean condition, with no age marks on the satin lining and a sound hinge.  The original instructions for refilling the pen and pencil are also included.

The Parker 51 is believed, by many Parker collectors, to be the best pen Parker ever made, it is certainly the most successful.  It is rare to find a complete, original set in such pristine condition.