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Parker 51 boxed set. Near mint, chalk marks.

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This is a first class example of a vintage Parker '51' Aerometric model boxed pen and pencil set in Black with rolled Gold caps.  It still bears chalk marks and the fountain pen appears to be uninked.

The set is in mint condition, it has a deep Black finish and ding free Gold filled caps with pearl coloured end studs. 

The original 'Pli-glass' ink sac is unstained, and the condition of the pen is perfect. The pen and pencil both have chalk marks, these are extremely delicate and wear off very rapidly with use.
The pencil is similarly pristine although some small pencil marks on the lining of the box suggest it has been used sparingly and replaced in the box with the lead protruding.  The eraser appears unused.

The set is housed in its original 'Moc croc' box which is in good sound condition. This box dates from 1950 and was used or the 2002 Special edition. I have not inked or dipped the pen but the chalk marks indicate a medium point.
The Parker '51' has often been described as 'the best pen ever made', At around seventy years old this Parker '51' still supports that claim.
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