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Parker 51 Burgundy set

Regular price £135.00

 This Parker 51 set, comprising a fountain pen and pencil is finished in 'British Burgundy' and was made in England in the 1950s.

The 'British Burgundy' colour is much 'redder' than the American counterpart, it is sometimes referred to as 'Bloody Burgundy',or 'Blood Red' in America.

The set is in excellent condition.  It has a deep, lustrous unmarked finish and the pencil carries a clear 'chalk mark' identifying it as a Parker 51, along with the price.  These marks were stencilled in wax and were meant to be rubbed off by the retailer as the pencil was sold.  The marks were left on this pencil and have survived well.  They are very fragile and would have worn off quickly as the pencil was handled.

The 'lustralloy' caps are also in first class confition.  They are free of dings or other blemishes and the original 'frosting' is intact.  The chrome plated 'arrow' clips are secured with pearl cap studs. 

The set has been fully serviced, cleaned and tested.  The pen fills well and the 14 Ct. Gold hooded nib writes with a very smooth, fine line, ideal for someone with a small 'hand' or for more detailed work.  It is quite remarakble that Parker managed to produce a soft, smooth feel, even with fine pointed nibs.

The pencil is a 'continuous feed' mechanism, the lead is extended by pressing the cap with a manual retract.  Despite the pen having seen such little use, the eraser has been mislaid at sometime.  New old stock erasers do turn up for sale now and then, I'll fit one if and when they become available.  As I believe the pencil to be unused I'm reluctant to fit a used eraser. 

The Parker box, probably original, is in good condition with all corners intact and a clean satin lining.  The Parker 51 leaflet contains instructions on the use and care of Parker 51 products.

The Parker 51 is an iconic pen, recognised as the most successful fountain pen ever made, it was often copied but never equalled.  This set  is a very fine example, it is very hard to find a Parker 51 boxed set in such outstanding condition.  Although clearly of collectable quality, perhaps it is better to now use the set and show it off.