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Parker 51 Classic. 1950.

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The Parker 51, with a 'lustralloy' cap, was known as the 'Classic'.  This is a fine example which carries a date code for the second quarter of 1950, it is a very early aerometric pen.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested and is in excellent condition throughout.  The black 'Lucite' body is in showroom condition and is stamped as being made, in England, in 1950.  The two dots on either side of the '0' denote the second quarter of that year. 

The lustralloy cap is free of dings and has been polished to  a very attractive, even finish.  The clip is the correct 'long arrow' version and is secured by a brass bush and a clear pearl coloured end 'jewel'.

The original 'pli-glass' ink sac is in good condition and is only very lightly stained.  This is usually a sign of sparing use and careful storage.

The 14 Ct Gold nib writes with a very smooth and consistent medium line, perhaps a touch on the broad side.  Although the hooded design precludes any flex, Parker managed to imbue the 51 nib with a very pleasing 'soft' feel, making the pen an easy and comfortable writer.

The Parker 51 is one of the few pens that have earned iconic status.  The customised cap on this Classic gives the pen a little individuality, it would make a first class, and prestigious, every day writer.