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Parker 51 Classic in Teal Blue. c.1958

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The English made Parker 51 Classic was made in only four colours: Black, Burgundy, Navy Grey, and Teal Blue, this pen. 

Teal Blue is named after the wing flash on the duck of that name, it is certainly mid blue but has a subtle green tinge.  This pen has a showroom finish which shows the colour off very well.

The cap is constructed in an alloy which Parker called 'Lustralloy', a stainless steel with 18% Chromium and 8% nickel.  It was treated to give it a matt finish which contrasted with the shiny cap lip and chrome clip.  The surface does wear but this cap has held up very well and retains the matt effect, it has no 'dings' or other blemishes.  The chrome plated clip and cowl is secured by a hidden brass bush and a pearl coloured cap stud, also pristine.

The pen is an 'Aerometric' filler, an arrangement which uses a single 'press bar' to compress the ink sac, pulling ink into the pen as the bar is released.  It is a very easy to use system, full instructions are stamped on the metal filler sleeve.  The ink sac in this pen is in excellent condition and is unstained so the ink level can still be viewed.

The nib is 14Ct .Gold, most of it is hidden beneath the hood, which protects the nib and works, along with an ink collector to provide a consistent ink flow to the point.  The ink collector consists of many fine fins which serve as a second ink reservoir.  The pen is a great writer, it delivers a super smooth line, perhaps a little on the fine side of medium.

The Parker 'halo' box and instruction/guarantee leaflet are also in good, clean condition.

The Parker 51 is often referred to as the best fountain pen ever made, it is certainly the most successful in terms of sales.  It is ultra reliable and is still much in demand as a daily writer, although pens in this condition often find their way into collections. As a stylish and attractive vintage pen for every day use the Parker 51 is very hard to beat.