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Parker 51 Classic in U.S.A. Burgundy

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The Parker 51 introduced in 1942, has often been described as the best pen ever made, it is certainly the most successful, with sales exceeding $400 000 000.  This pen is the Mk. II, an 'Aerometric', squeeze bar filler.  The chromed filler sleeve dates the pen to 1949/50.

The 51 was made in America and the U.K, both counties produced a 'Parker 51 in Burgundy' but the American and English branches had different views of what colour Burgundy actually is. The English thought it was definitely red and the Americans thought it was more brown.  The last photo shows the difference, this is an American pen.

The pen is in excellent condition throughout.  The body of the pen, constructed in 'Lucite', an early trade name for Perspex, is unmarked and has a deep shine.  The 'Lustralloy' cap has a good surface and is free of 'dings'.  It carries a chromed 'arrow' clip which is secured by a brass stud and a pearl coloured end stud, or jewel.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested, a service is particularly important on a 51 because the fine fins that control the ink flow can become clogged.  The aerometric filling system works well, instructions for use are on the filler sleeve.  The 14 Ct Gold nib writes with a very smooth medium to fine line and is a pleasure to use.

 The Parker 51 has truly stood the test of time, it is still sought after as a practical writer eighty odd years after it's introduction and well deserves it's iconic status.