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Parker 51 Classic Set. England 1954.

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This Parker 51 Aerometric Classic set was made, in England, in 1954.  The 'correctness', an important consideration, of the set is validated by the fact that both items bear the same date code, 1954, and the Parker 51 ' mock croc' box is from the same year. 

The pen and pencil are in outstanding condition throughout.  they have a flawless black finish and ding free Lustralloy caps with the frosting largely preserved.  The clips are straight and well aligned and the pearl end studs are in good order.

The box is externally clean and structurally sound but there is a stain on the lining, perhaps this could be removed.  It is important that it is the right box for the set.

The pen and the pencil both carry a legible 'Made in England' stamp along with the number '4', indicating 1954 as the year of manufacture.

The pencil operates by pushing the cap to expel the lead with a manual return.  The Aerometric filling system wotks well and the 14Ct. gold nib writes with a smooth medium to fine line.