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Parker 51 Classic set in English Burgundy. 1957.

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The Parker 51, introduced in 1941, is, in terms of sales, the most successful pen ever made and is still very much in demand today.  This set, comprising a fountain pen and continuous feed pencil was made, in England, in 1957.

The set is constructed in 'Lucite', now more commonly known as 'Perspex', a hard wearing and resilient plastic.  The colour, English Burgundy', is much brighter and 'redder' than the American Burgundy colour.  In the U.S.A. the English colour is often referred to as 'blood red'. 

The set has been fully serviced, no restoration, as such, was needed as the condition of the set was first class.  The Aerometric, press bar filler is easy to use and takes up a good volume of ink.  Parker 51 nibs are and usually very good writers although, as a great deal of individual work is done on the pens, there is some variation between individual nibs.  This one is exceptional. it lays down a very smooth medium line and has a very pleasing 'soft' feel.

The pencil has a 'continuous feed' mechanism, successive 'clicks' on the cap extend the lead by a few mm. at a time.  The cap can be removed to reveal the eraser which, although aged, shows little sign of use.  Removing the eraser allows access to the spare leads which can be fitted through the nozzle as required.

The set is in superb condition, it has a deep, unmarked shine and the Lustralloy caps are ding free and have a good surface.  The Parker 'halo' box is also in good condition.

 Although the appearance of a pen is, of course, a very personal judgement most would agree that the Parker 51 has a slightly understated and classically distinguished look. 

If you are looking for a reliable vintage pen that will write well, hardly ever break, look good and have a great deal of prestige then the Parker 51 is very hard to beat.