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Parker 51 Custom Aerometric. c.1949.

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The Parker 51 Aerometric, when first introduced in 1948 featured an aluminium filler slleve.  This was changed to a chrome plated sleeve in 1949 which was, in turn, replaced, shortly after by a brushed steel version.  This pen has the chrome plated sleeve which dates the pen to 1949 or the early 1950s. 

The pen is finished in Midnight Blue, a most attractive dark blue, as the name suggests.  It is interesting that Parker chose this colour as part of the pallette for the 'New Parker 51 whch was released in 2021.

This is a 'Custom' version of the 51, it has a 1/10 12Ct. rolled gold cap, the 1/10/ indicating that the cap is 1/10th Gold by weight.  The cap is totally ding free and carries a clear pearl grey cap stud. 

The barrel and hood shell, constructed in 'Lucite' are in superb condition with a bright, scratch free surface.  The dark blue contrasts very well with the gold cap.

The pen has been fully serviced, cleaned, and tested.  The Aerometric filling system works well and the 14 Ct. gold nib writes with a beautifully smooth fine line.

The Parker box has a couple of light water stains on the outside but the interior is very clean and the corners are sound.

The Parker 51 has gained a deserved reputation as one of the best pens ever made and this exceptionally fine example supports that claim.  It would make a superb daily vintage writer, combining reliability, looks, and a great deal of prestige.