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Parker 51 Custom Boxed Set In Teal 1965-1969

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Parker 51 Custom Boxed Set In Teal 1965-1969

Parker introduced the aerometric filling system on the 51 in 1948.  In England the two versions were designated 'Classic' and 'Custom'.  This set is the high end Custom version, with 12Ct. rolled Gold caps.
In 1965 the filler sleeve was changed to a one piece design and, in the same year, a '51' stamp was added to the cap.  In 1969 the Mk. lll pen replaced the Mk. ll.  This is a Mk. ll pen with a one piece sleeve and '51' stamp, dating the pen between 1965 and 1969.

The 'Teal' colour, after the blue wing flash on the duck of that name,  is most attractive, it is definitely Blue but has a Green tinge, not a common '51' colour.

The Gold filled caps are is fitted with a 'short arrow' clip, pearl coloured end stud and engraved with: 
                                  'PARKER'.    1/10 12Ct. R.Gold.   Made in England

This indicates that the cap is one tenth Gold by weight.  

The set has been fully serviced and tested. The aerometric filling system works well and takes up a good amount of ink, and the rotary pencil mechanism is in good working order.

The 14 Ct. Gold nib is a splendid writer, it lays down a very smooth and consistent, firm line, perhaps a little on the broad side of medium.  The nibs were hand slit and finished so there is a little variation between individual 51 nibs.  Although the hooded nib design precludes flexibility, Parker managed to achieve a distinctive 'soft' feel with the 51 nibs which, along with the ink collector system, gives a very pleasing writing experience.

The matching Parker 51 Custom propelling pencil has a smooth rotary mechanism, the lead is extended and retracted by turning the cap.  The eraser is intact and shows very little sign of use.  It has hardened with age so no attempt has been made to remove it as the hardened rubber is quite brittle.

The Parker 'moc croc' presentation case, probably original, is in excellent condition with only a light usage marks and sound hinges.

This set is the last version of the Mk. ll Parker 51 and is sometimes considered to be the last 'true' 51, the Mk. lll had a significantly different appearance.

The Parker 51 has gained a deserved reputation as one of the best pens ever made, it is undoubtedly the most successful,  and this exceptionally fine example supports that claim.  It would make a superb daily vintage writer, combining reliability, looks, and a great deal of prestige.