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Parker 51 Custom in Teal

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The Parker 51 Custom was an upgrade to the 51 Classic in that it had a 1/10th by weight 12 Ct. rolled gold cap, whereas the classic came with a 'Lutralloy', or steel cap.
This is a fine example of the Parker 51 Custom, made between 1952 and 1957, in England, there is a clear barrel imprint to this effect.  It is unusual to find such a clear imprint as it is situated at the end of the barrel, under the lip of the cap.  As the cap is removed and replaced the imprint is subject to wear so a clear imprint suggests that the pen has seen relatively little use.
The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  A service is very important if a 51 has been left for a while as the fine fins that form the ink collector can easily become clogged with dry ink.  The pen may still work but the ink flow and control will be impaired so it will not perform as a Parker 51 should.
The pen is finished in Teal, named after the wing flash on the duck of that name.  It is a very attractive blue/ green and the excellent surface of this pen shows it off well.  there are a couple of very minor, almost indiscernible marks to the cap but it has an excellent, bright surface.  
The aerometric filling system is simple and efficient, instructions for use are imprinted on the filler sleeve.  The 14Ct.Gold nib is a joy, it writes with a silky smooth medium line and is a pleasure to use.

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