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Parker 51 Custom set in 'U.S.A. Burgundy'. 1965.

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The Parker 51 Custom is distinguished from the 'Classic' by the rolled Gold cap, the Classic cap is 'lustralloy'.

This set, comprising a fountain pen and 'continuous feed' pencil is finished in Burgundy, the American version of the colour.  This is darker and 'less red' than the more common English Burgundy.

The set can be accurately dated as Parker added a '51' stamp to the cap in 1965 the, later in the same year, changed the filler sleeve to a 'one piece' design.  This pen has the '51' stamp but the older type filler sleeve, meaning it was produced in 1965.

The set is in excellent condition throughout.  The pen cap has a couple of, what appear to be, small wrinkles and water marks which are very hard to see but I have attempted to show in the photograph, this is reflected in the price.  The Burgundy surface has a deep shine and the original pli-glass ink sac is only lightly stained.

The pencil, a 'clutch' mechanism, operates by pressing the cap to release the lead with a manual retract.  The eraser is present but well used, spare leads are stored in the barrel and can be accessed by removing the eraser. 

 The set has been fully serviced and tested.  The aerometric filling system works well and the 14Ct. Gold nib writes with a beautifully smooth and consistent fine line.  It is remarkable how Parker managed to achieve such a pleasing smoothness with a fine nib.

The Parker 'halo box' is in very clean and sound condition. 

The Parker 51 is the most successful pen ever made and has acheived iconic status.  It is the favoured evry day user of many enthusuiasts, which says a great deal about its quality and practcality.