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Parker 51 in Grey. 1952-1957

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The Parker 51 Aerometric was introduced in 1948. The 'arrow' clip was shortened in 1952 and a 'halo' added to the cap in 1957, this pen has a short clip and no halo so it can be dated between 1952 and 1957. 

The pen is in exceptional condition throughout.  It has been completely dismantled, thoroughly checked, cleaned, fitted with a new ink sac, serviced, and tested.  I do not fit new ink sacs as a matter of course on Parker 51s but, as this pen is in such beautiful condition I thought a clear sac was warranted. 

I've added photographs showing the disassembled pen.  The fins on the ink collector, or governer as Parker called it are very fine and often become clogged with dried ink if a pen has been left unused for a while.  A vintage pen may well have been unused for decades so the fins would almost certainly be clogged to some extent, often completely,  the pen would still write but nowhere near as well as it should.  The only way to ensure that the collector is clean is to dismantle the pen to get at it.  Other details, such as the condition of the breather tube and the nib/feed assembly can also be checked.  

Finished in gleaming, unmarked Navy Grey, the pen  has a ding free lustralloy cap with a Chrome 'arrow' clip and a pearl end stud. The filling system works perfectly and takes up a good volume of ink. The design of the hooded section precludes any flexibility in the nib but Parker still managed to give the 51 nibs a very pleasing 'soft' feel.  This example writes with a smooth, medium line.

The contemporary Parker satin linde box is in good, clean condition.

The Parker 51 has been described as 'the best pen Parker ever made' and this example certainly supports that claim, it would make a first class, and most prestigious, every day writer.