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Parker 51 in Midnight Blue. 1950.

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The Parker 51 is often described as 'the best pen ever made', it is certainly the most successful with sales exceeding $400 000 000.

The 'Aerometric' (squeeze bar) filler replaced the original 'Vacumatic' filler in 1948, this pen is an Aerometric bearing a date code for 1950.  The pen was made, in England, at the Parker Newhaven factory which it aquired when it completed the takeover of the Valentine pen company in 1946.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  A service is usually required on a 51 that has been unused for some time as the ink collector, or governer, consists of very fine fins enclosed in the hood which can become blocked and impair ink flow.

The 'Midnight Blue' colour is quite uncommon, particularly on English made pens.  It is a most attractive mid blue, not to be confused with the more common 'Teal' colour, whiich has a distinct greenish tinge.  The last photograph shows this pen alongside a conteporary Teal version.  Midnight Blue was one of the colours ressurected for the 'New Parker 51' aka 'Parker 51 Reimagined,' tribute pen in 2021.

The pen is in excellent condition throughout.  It has a deep lustrous finish and a 'Lustralloy' cap with a chrome plated clip retained with a colllar and pearl coloured cap stud.  the clipis the longer 'transitional' design, it was shortened shortly sfter this pen was produced.

The aerometric filling system works well, is very easy to use, and takes up a good volume of ink.  The 14 Ct. Gold nib writes with a smooth, medium  line.  The hooded design of the 51 precludes any flexibility but Parker 51 nibs are renowned for their writing characteristicss and have a pleasing 'soft' feel that Parker seemed to perfect more consistently than other manufacturers.

The pen is presented in a new, high quality gift box, it suiits the pen well and will offer protection.  

The Parker 51 is a favourite daily writer for many vintage pen enthusiasts.  It is ultra reliable and stylish, and has a great deal of prestige.  Midnight Blue 51s of this age and in such great condition come along very rarely.