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Parker 51 Mk. III

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The Parker 51 Mk. III was introduced in 1969, this is an early pen.  It is in first class condition throughout, and is a superb writer.

The pen is finished in classic Black with a 'Lustralloy' cap which carries a Chrome plated 'arrow' clip and a pearl grey end stud.  This was replaced with an integral metal stud in 1971, apparently there was some concern about toddlers ingesting the pearl stud!  This pen therefore had a very short production run, always a good sign for collectors.

The pen is an aerometric filler and has a 14 Ct. gold nib.  The nib is extremely smooth and has a fine point.  The Parker 51 seems to be one of the very few pens to have succeeded in producing a smooth fine nib.  The hooded design precludes any flexibility but the nib still has a slightly 'soft' feel.

Despite being around fifty years old the Parker 51 Mk. III still has a modern appearance but with all the Parker 51 prestige. It would make a great vintage every day user.