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Parker 51 Mk. lll Custom Triple set.

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The Parker 51 Mk. III was introduced in 1969, and gave way to the Mk. lV in 1971. This is a Mk. lll Custom set comprising a fountain pen, ballpoint, and pencil.  The Custom 51 has a rolled Gold cap rather than the Lustralloy cap found on the Classic 51.

The set is in excellent condition  througout, it has been fully serviced and tested and all works as it should.  The black plastic components all have a deep shine and are free from visible scratches, personalisation, or other marks.  There is a slight, almost imperceptible shallow mark on the back of the fountain pen cap but the caps are genrally ding free and have a good surface. 

The fountain pen has a 14 Ct. Gold nib with a medium to broad point.  It is a superb writer, delivering a super smooth and consistent broad line.  A most comfortable and 'easy' pen to use, it would suit someone with a large, bold hand.

The Ballpoint is cap activated, a click on the cap extends the point and a second click retracts it. The pen is fitted with a black, medium refill.

The pencil has a rotary mechanism, a turn on the cap extends and retracts the lead.  The mechanism works smoothly and efficiently.  The pencil shows little, if any, sign of use.  

The set is presented in a blue satin lined Parker box, it is in condition with no ink staining or age marks on the lining.

The Parker 51 Mk. lll had a relatively short production run at a time when ballpoints were dominating the pen market.  Consequently, the Mk. lll was not sold in the same numbers as previous 51 models and is not easy to find.  A complete Custom triple set, in such good condition is something of a rarity.