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Parker 51 Mk. lll in Red

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The Parker 51 Mk. III was introduced in 1969, and gave way to the Mk. lV in 1971. This is a Mk. lll pen, only made for a very short period.  It is in first class condition throughout, it could well be unused.

The pen is finished in Red with a 'Lustralloy' cap which carries a Chrome plated 'arrow' clip and a pearl grey end stud.  This was replaced with an integral metal stud in 1971, apparently there was some concern about toddlers ingesting the pearl stud!  This pen therefore had a very short production run, always a good sign for collectors.

The overall condition of the pen suggests that it has seen very little, if any use.  The pen body is flawless with a deep, lustrous shine, the 'Lustralloy' cap shows no dings and still has full frosting.  The original  'pli-glass' ink sac is unstained. 

The box, with outer sleeve, is brand new, it is of very high quality and will serve sell for transportation, protection, and display

Despite being around fifty years old the Parker 51 Mk. III still has a modern appearance but with all the Parker 51 prestige. It would make a great vintage every day user.