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Parker 51 Pen Set.

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A Parker 51 boxed set comprising fountain pen and ballpoint in near mint condition.  The set was made in England in the early 1950s, the fountain carries an imprint stating the origin.  The ballpoint has a metal connector fitted to the barrel, this was only used in the early pens, shown in the photo taken from David Shepherds' wonderful 'Parker "51"' book.

The set is a 51 'Classic' model in Black with lustralloy caps, each with a narrow lip, and stamped as made in England.  The caps are ding free and the frosting on the fountain pen cap has held up well.  The pearlised end studs are in good condition and the clips are straight and correctly aligned.

The condition of the pen bodies is superb and the ink sac is relatively free of ink stains.  The 'Aerometric filling system works well and takes up a good amount of ink.

The 14Ct. Gold hooded nib writes with a very smooth, medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.  The hooded design precludes any flex but Parker somehow manage to endow their 51 nibs with a pleasing 'soft' feel, it is a very comfortable and 'easy' writer.

The Parker 51 has gained a reputation as a first class writer with a good deal of prestige.  At around seventy years old this set is in remarkable condition and should continue to give good service for decades to come.