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Parker 51 set in English Burgundy. 1956.

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This Parker 51 Classic set, finished in Burgundy, was made in England, in 1956.   Date stamping on pencils ended in 1956, a little earlier in pens.  The pencil in this set carries a date code for the first quarter of 1956.

It is finished in 'English Burgundy', referred to in the U.S.A. as 'Blood Red', or 'Bloody Burgundy', the American Burgundy is very close to brown. 

The set, comprising an aerometric filling fountain pen and a clutch pencil, is in first class condition throughout, the finish has a deep, lustrous shine and the 'Lustralloy' caps are free of dings. 

The original 'Polka Dot' Parker box is in excellent condition, the satin lining has a couple of very small marks, the exterior is clean, and the hinges are good.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  The Aerometric, press bar, filling system is easy to use and works well.  The 14 Ct. Gold, has a medium point and writes with a wonderfully smooth, consistent medium line.  

The pencil is a 'continuous feed', or 'clutch pencil', the eraser has broken off as they become brittle with age. The lead is extended by pressing the cap and manually retracted. 

The Parker 51 is, without doubt, the most successful pen ever made, it has often been copied but never equalled. Even Parker's own 'tribute pen', the 'New 51' is not in the same class!

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