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Parker 51 in English Burgundy (Red)

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The Parker 51 'Aerometric filler' version was introduced in 1948.   This example is in first class condition, showing few signs of use.  It is finished in 'English Burgundy', referred to in the U.S.A. as 'Blood Red', or 'Bloody Burgundy' as the American Burgundy is very close to brown.  The cap has a 'halo' imprint, showing that it was made after 1957.

The pen has a deep lustrous and unmarked finish, a ding free 'Lustralloy' cap, with chromed 'arrow' clip, and pearl coloured cap stud.  The pen has been fully serviced and tested and is in first class working order.  A full service is recommended for a 51 as the very fine fins that form the ink collector are often blocked with dried ink residue, reducing the efficiency of the system.

The pen is an exceptionally good writer, with the lightest of touches it produces a beautifully smooth and consistent medium line, perhaps a little on the broad side.  Whilst the hooded nib design precludes any flex in the 51, Parker managed to achieve a very pleasing 'soft' feel with their 14 Ct Gold 51 nibs, this one is a pleasure to use.

 The Parker 51 was ahead of it's time in many ways, so much so that it was first advertised as 'like a pen from outer space', it went on to be the most successful fountain pen ever made.  Eighty years, or so, later it has been resurrected as the 'Parker 51 reimagined' but I'm afraid the new pen does not match up to the original and certainly doesn't have the same amount of prestige.  

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