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Parker 51 Special in Burgundy

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The Parker 51 Special was added to the Parker 51 line up in 1950 as a lower cost alternative to the 51 Aerometric.  The special has the Aerometric filling system but it is an open design rather than the original enclosed filler sleeve. The big difference is that it has an 'Octanium' (eight metal alloy) nib rather than the Gold nib of the 51 Classic. The Special also has a shiny cap and a black jewel, the Classic jewel is  pearl coloured.  The last photograph shows that the two pens have precisely the same shape and size.

This is a fine example, it is finished in the American version of the colour 'Burgundy'.  This is much darker and less 'red' than the English Burgundy used in the Parker 51 models.  The photograph shows the Special alongside an English 51 Classic, the pens are virtually identical but the colour difference is quite significant. 

The pen is in exceptional condition throughout and has been fully serviced and tested.  The pen body is unmarked  and has a first class surface.  The cap, clip, and black cap 'jewel' are similarly pristine.

The 'Aerometric', squeeze bar filler system is easy to use and takes up a good volume of ink.  The nib writes with a smooth fine line under very little pressure, it is a comfortable and 'easy' writer.  The hooded design precludes any flexibility but Parker still manage to produce a pleasant 'soft' feel, even with a fine pointed alloy nib.

The Parker 51 Special was not a huge seller and is now very difficult to find, particularly in such outdtanding condition.  The pen would fit well into a Parker 51 collection but would also make a first rate vintage daily writer.