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Parker 51 Vacumatic 1947/8

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The English Parker Vacumatic was only made from from 1947 to 1948.  This example is clearly stamped as an English made Parker "51" along with the patent number.  All English made 51 Vacumatics were fitted with a cap bearing a long 'transition' arrow clip, the 'Blue Diamond' clip was never used in England.

The pen is finished in 'India Black', this was changed to simply 'black' when the Aerometric version was introduced.  The cap is made from 'Lustralloy' with a chrome plated clip and pearl coloured cap stud.

The pen has been fully disassembled and restored, including a new filler diaphragm.  It is in excellent condition throughout, with a first class surface and clear imprint

The 14Ct Gold nib is quite spectacular, it has a broad stub point that writes with super smooth broad line. The hooded nib on the 51 precludes any flexibility but the stub nib was offered as an option to provide line variation and add flair to the writing.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy producing impressive results with this pen.  The nib is versatile in that it can be used 'normally' and quickly with the lightest of touches

Demand, in England, for Parker 51s in the post war period was very high and the company produced adverts explaining the difficulties in post war production and asking for patience.  Parker 51s appeared on the 'black market' at inflated prices and it is unlikely that Parker caught up with demand before the Vacumatic was discontinued in 1948. 

Partly due to the very short production run, Vacumatic Parker 51s, made in England, are now very difficult to find and one in such outstanding condition comes along rarely.  This is a handsome and practical pen, which, although in collectable condition, would make a great every day writer with a good deal of prestige.

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