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Parker 61 Cirrus

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The Parker 61 Cirrus was introduced in 1976 as part of the 'Cloud Series' of 61 finishes, production ceased in 1982.

This pen is a very fine example, it is finished in a muted rolled Gold with a Gold filled cap stud and inlaid 'arrow' in the nib section.  The arrow is perfectly fitted and shows no wear, they are often absent altogether in these pens.

A cartridge/converter filler, the pen is in excellent condition with just a suggestion of 'shine' where the cap has been posted.  This is not noticeable unless it catches the light, I have attempted to show this in the photograph.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  The 14 Ct. Gold nib writes with a very smooth, firm line, perhaps a little on the broad side of fine.

The 'Cloud Series' Parker 61 is a premium, top of the range model and is becoming quite collectable.