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Parker 61 Classic. 1958-1962

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The Parker 61 was introduced, in the U.S.A., in 1956 and changed from a capillary filler to an aerometric filler in 1969, this pen is a capillary filler.  In 1958 a 'halo' was added to the cap and in 1962 the cap was shortened slightly.  This pen has a halo and the longer cap, indicating that it was made between thse two dates.

The 'arrow'on the hood was originally added to help customers orient the pen properly and also distinguish the 61 from its close relative the parker 51.  An intact arrow is an attractive feature which is well suited to the sleek design of the pen.

Beautifully finished in  black with a 'Lustralloy' cap and pearl end stud this is the 'Classic' version of the Parker 61. The barrel and section have a good deep black finish and the cap is totally free of dings and clearly stamped 'Parker' on the front with 'Made in England' and the halo on the back.

The capillary cell was a revolutionary, and successful design which remained in production for at least thirteen years.  The cell in this pen  has been thoroughly cleaned and is in good working order.  The 14Ct. Gold nib writes with a very smooth, medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side. 

The Parker 61 'writing end' is virtually identical to that found in theParker 51 and performs just as well.  The pen itself is only very slightly shorter than the 51 and has a slimmer, more streamlined and modern profile which is enhanced by the 'double jewel' and the aforementioned arrow.

The Parker 61 is a high quality pen with a long pedigree and a good deal of prestige.  It would make an excellent vintage daily writer.