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Parker 61 Custom Aerometric. 1969.

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Parker introduced the '61' in the U.S.A. in 1956 and produced the Custom version, soon after although the aerometric filler, this pen, was a later addition.  This is the first of the Aerometric pens, the guarantee is dated 1969, the first year of production.
In designing the Parker 61 pen Parker made the curious decision to add an 'arrow' to the top of the hood as they were of the opinion that their customers would not otherwise know which way up to hold the pen!  Inevitably the arrows frequently fall off over time leaving the poor customers confused again about how to hold a pen.

Far too frequently, however, the arrows become loose and fall off, not the case with this pen, the Gold filled arrow is present, correct, and secure.

Finished in 'Caribbean Green'  with a 'Custom' Gold filled cap, clutch ring and end ring on the barrel, this is the true 'Custom' version of the 61.  The 'Caribbean Green' colour is very similar to the 'Teal' used on the Parker 51.  Parker 61s are often described as 'Teal' although Parker never used this colour on the 61.
The barrel and section have a good deep finish and the cap is totally free of dings and clearly stamped 'Parker'.  The cap is in superb condition, there is virtually no sign of wear and the engraved lines are still sharp and clear.
The 14 Ct Gold nib is straight, well aligned and has a good amount of tipping material.  It writes with a fine to medium, firm line.
The pen is a converter/cartridge filling model.  The original Parker ink converter is fitted and a new ink cartridge will be included so the pen is ready to write.
The pen is housed in a hard, satin lined Parker presentation case which is in excellent condition and almost certainly original.  The original owner has conveniently dated the instruction leaflet to December 1969.