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Parker 61 Custom Aerometric. Boxed, chalk marks, mint.

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The Parker 61 was launched, in the U.S.A. in 1956 and produced the Custom version, soon after although the cartridge/converter filler, this pen, was a later addition. 

This pen is in totally mint condition throughout, and came to me as unused, although I have inked it, once, for testing purposes as, sometimes, even new old stock pens don't write well.  No issues here though, it writes perfectly. The finish is excellent and the barrel still carries the original chalk marks.  These are stencilled in wax and were meant to be rubbed off by the retailer as the pen was sold.  They are very fragile and would disappear rapidly as the pen was handled.

The rolled Gold cap is similarly pristine. It is stamped:

'PARKER made in England'

along with the Parker 'halo' and shield stating that the cap is 1/10th 12Ct. R.G., meaning that it is 1/10th by weight 12Ct. Gold.  The pearl coloured cap stud is bright and clear.
The 14Ct. Gold nib is exceptional, it writes with a wonderfully smooth and consistent medium line.  As the nibs were hand finished, there is a little variation between individual nibs, this one seems to be a tad on the broad side of medium. 

The pen is fitted with the original metal ink converter and a new cartridge will be included so the pen is ready to write in either configuration.

In designing the Parker 61 pen Parker made the curious decision to add an 'arrow' to the top of the hood as they were of the opinion that their customers would not otherwise know which way up to hold the pen! 

Far too frequently, however, the arrows become loose and fall off, not the case with this pen, the Gold filled arrow is present, correct, and secure.

Finished in 'Maroon'  with a 'Custom' Gold filled cap, clutch ring and end ring on the barrel, this is the true 'Custom' version of the 61.  The Maroon colour was introduced in 1969, along with the cartridge/converter system, often referred to as 'Aerometric'.
The pen is housed in the original hard, satin lined Parker presentation case which is in very clean and sound condition, along with a similarly pristine instruction leaflet.
The Parker 61 Custom is an attractive and practical high quality pen.  A virtually 'as new' example comes along very rarely.