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Parker 61 Custom Duette Set

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The Parker 61 cartridge/converter filling system replaced the capillary filler in 1969.  For a short time the pen was advertised, and packaged, as the 'New Parker 61', as in this 'Custom Duette' set, comprising a fountain pen and ballpoint.

The Parker 61 Custom features a rolled Gold cap, section 'arrow', clutch ring, and barrel tassie.  The caps carry a pearl effect cap stud, this was replaced with a metal stud in 1975.

Both pens show only light usage marks and are in excellent condition.  The Gold arrow on the section is flush and secure, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a 61 with an intact arrow.  The fountain pen cap has a couple of very light blemishes, very difficult to see, and the ballpoint cap is blemish free.  The Black pen barrels have an excellent surface and a good, deep shine.

The fountain pen is fitted with the original ink converter and a new Parker ink cartridge is included so the pen is ready to write in either configuration.  The ballpoint is a cap action pen, it works smoothly and efficiently and has been fitted with a new Parker refill.

The pen has a 14Ct. Gold nib of tubular construction.  It is a first class writer, producing a smooth, wettish line, perhaps a little on the broad side of medium.

The packaging of this set is all original and in exceptional condition.  The box is clean and sound with no ageing marks on the satin lining and a good hinge.  The outer cardboard box, clearly marked 'Parker 61 Duette' is also excellent.  A 'Parker New 61' leaflet gives full instructions on the use of the set.

As the 'Parker 61 Custom Duette' set was only sold for a short time, at the beginning of the new 61 production, there are not many example around.  To find one in such exceptional condition along with all the original packaging is quite a rarity.