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Parker 61 Custom Insignia.

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Parker introduced the '61' in the U.S.A. in 1956  but the English version came much later. The aerometric filler was introduced in 1969 and the top of the range Custom Insignia, this pen, followed shortly afterwards.  It was discontinued in 1972, a very short production run.

Constructed in 12Ct. Rolled Gold with a Black section and Gold inlaid arrow the Custom Insignia is a jewel of a pen and this is a superb example.  It has an excellent finish, shows very little sign of use, and performs extremely well.  The pen fills as it should and the14 Ct.Gold nib writes with a firm, smooth, medium line.

The pen is fitted with an ink converter and two new Parker ink cartridges will be provided so the pen is ready to write.

The Parker hard presentation box is in good sound condition.

Partly because of the short production run Converter filling Custom Insignias are not at all easy to come by.  If the key to collectability is quality and condition, as most enthusiasts would agree, then at already around fifty years old this pen is a 'banker'.